Our Story

Galloping Gerties is a landmark in Tillicum. Gerties was originally founded July 4th, 1952 in a little building on Commercial Street. It did not take long for Gertie Rice to outgrow her little café and in 1959 she built Galloping Gerties on Union Street.

It was like "Happy Days" in Tillicum with many families with kids, retired military and working-class families. When Gertie retired in the late 1970s, her children Dave, Jimmy and Mary carried on. Gerties daughter Sue and her husband Rod took over in 1999 and had 20 great years until their retirement in August 2018. At that time Maggie and Travis Stoddard became the new owners of Gerties. They were hand picked by Sue and Rod because they knew that they would carry on the traditions and the love of Gerties just like family.

The Troops have always been very important to Gerties. Gerties has served the troops through the Vietnam War and every War since. Gerties loves the troops and honors them in every way we can. In her day, Gertie loved to sit and talk with the troops, from Generals to Privates-oh, the secrets she must have known.

Gerties has always been a home away from home for the troops. We have always felt that they have kept Gerties going for us, but also safe for us. We owe them for all they have done for 67 years to keep us going strong. Thank you to our Troops for all the sacrifices you make every day, God Bless you.

And a big thank you to everyone for supporting Gerties. We look forward to welcoming you all for may more years to come.